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My husband's cousin's husband is Ed and he owns & runs the hardware store that I work at on Wednesdays. Ed helps us out with all sorts of little & big projects around the house since John & I don't have dads (we have dads, one far away and one not so handy) that are able to pop by and fix something...and we are not always able to figure out what needs to be done. We do fix plenty though!! Ed helps us out with little tasks like rubber washers for the garden hose, lifting the drain on the sink and delivering play sand for the kids. However Ed also helps us with big jobs...the most recent task was spray painting the "laundry room" (a closet really) doors in the kitchen and rehanging them. Of course without this task the kitchen did not look complete. He picked up the doors, took them to his store, painted them and returned them to us. Now it looks marvy. White doors to match the cupboards...the laundry is in the kitchen...including the matching glass knobs. It looks great. I love sitting in the kitchen...so glowy and warm. Tonight I hope to make the cafe curtains for above the kitchen sink...with green pompoms and ribbon! I will post a photo as soon as the curtains are hung...a job I can do myself!! Thanks Ed for all your help. We appreciate you.

As for sewing I am delighted to report I will be taking a 5 week class at http://www.stonemountainfabric.com/ I am so excited...I think my first project will be a skirt. I start next week!!

Also, my kiddos have been angels today. Delightful, charming and well behaved...and they slept in...if you call 6:25 sleeping in! I do.

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  1. Wow, What a great guy. Why don't we hear more about Ed on your blog?
    I would love to hear more. So handsome, too, and the girl!


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