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I was inspired and since it was a rare home day I seized the opportunity. An apron for my daughter...she was unimpressed...I used a .49 tea towel from IKEA and made a pocket (a big sewing step for me) from an old dress (circa 1990 Laura Ashley style) and attached ribbon for a tie. So cute. Maybe I'll have to use the apron instead. I asked Judah if he wanted one and he simply said "no thanks mom, aprons are for girls". Let's just see about that mister!
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I finally completed the "cafe curtains" for above my sink...I love them. So fun with the green pom pom fringe. They don't hang quite right but that may be due to my heavy hand on the starch ironing! I was a machine today, as I also adapted the throw cushions on my sofa. My to do list still includes toss pillows for our bed and a long stuffed pillow with applique for the casual chair in the living room. Oh sew crafty!!
I do apologize for the wackiness over the photo of Ed and the post disappearing...so bizarre...I am not sure what happened but I re posted and hopefully it is a go now. Also I am having issues lining up my paragraphs when I "blog this" from Picasa. I am still learning. Although I am proud to say that a friend called on me for advice for her blog. Happy to help.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all. Whatever that means!


  1. Super snazzy, you are one energetic mommy machine!!! Love the pom poms, so whimsical!

  2. Wow, sewing class, curtains, aprons and pillows to come. The kitchen is complete. I'll have to pop over and get the whole picture in person.


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