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A morning offering of Nicotina, so lemony green bursting into the morning. I love my garden in the morning, so fresh and dewy springing forth with color in the overcast light. I really must post some garden photos...okay, I should clear up my garden, weed a bit, take some photos and then share them with you. Perhaps another day as I have so many other things to share!

Yesterday at the market I spyed this little treat with my little eye...dark chocolate, berries and vanilla wrapped up in a colorful wrapper. Organic to boot...I could not resist. If you ever see this handsome little fella at your local market, quick pick it up and put it in your basket. Take it home (buy it first of course), wait until you can sit down and until you are alone and patiently open the wrapper, take a wee nibble. Inhale, savour, wait for the chocolate to melt away all your worries and repeat until half the bar is eaten then re wrap the "mon cherri" and place in a safe, hidden place until tomorrow. Do not share...unless you really love that someone and only if they really appreciate lovely dark chocolate. Do not share with your kids because they will eat any old hunk of nasty corn syrup injected fake chocolate that was in last years Easter basket (not that you would find that at my house!) and besides kids can not fully appreciate the finest chocolate ever. If you are my mom then of course you can share with your daughters!
Ahhhhh Mon cheri!

Tonight my first sewing 101 class at Stone Mountain & Daughters begins. I am so excited. I have all my supplies ready in my tote and I plan to take public transit (minimizing my carbon footprint!!! that and the hubby & I double booked our schedule for tonight so he gets the kids & the car!) It will take me 3 hours per class each week for 5 weeks to make the above"easy hour" skirt. How funny is that! I took Home Ec in Junior High School but sadly it was not my best subject...I could barely pass...I got a pass because I always showed up for class and full of enthusiasm! From the above pattern I hope to make the "yellow" shorter length skirt with the above fabric. A lovely designed Amy Butler fabric, from her "lotus" collection. I love Amy Butler and whenever I am in a designing lull I check out her website to be filled with inspiration. I aspire to have her sense to design style. Perhaps someday I will have a chance to meet her. Maybe I will write her a letter to tell her that she inspires me. Sounds like I am a stalker...which I am not. Who doesn't like to be appreciated? Who doesn't want to inspire?
Speaking of inspiration, Uncle Ron, gave John & I a few tips for fixing our dryer. He told us how to open the back and oil the inner workings. When we got home, we pulled the dryer out, and of course swept away the dust bunnies and mopped the nasties away, pulled the back off, oiled the thingamajigs, started the dryer and viola no more squeaks. We were thrilled...so proud of ourselves...yes it took 2 of us. We fixed something and saved a bundle of buckaroos. Wahoo! We push the dryer back and re started the load. Within seconds the squeaky sound echoed through the house. Arrrggg. Turns out we are not so handy after all. I will be calling a repairman (okay..repair person) tomorrow. I don't mind drying my clothes on the line but if I ever need to do a couple loads in a day then it takes all day. Sun up 'til sundown. I'm grateful summer is here.
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  1. I am getting addicted to your blog, you are such a great writer and make me both smile, chuckle and crave things.I guess that is three things, oh well.:D (you just have to post yummy things that you have at your house and I don't have here, grr) I love the link to Amy Butler, what an amazing site, I want all her stuff!!!! What great style!

  2. I will be on the hunt for that delicious chocolate morsel you described. I will buy it and save it to eat next time I sit down to read a Cottage Living magazine...or maybe save it to sneak into the theater and savor while watching a girly movie. Good chocolate makes a good moment even better.
    -Cousin Amy

  3. I am a dark chocolate lover. I love 70-80% Cocao, especially from Belgium. Anything higher is too bitter and anything lower is too sweet. Of course I will still eat it, and occasionally like to snitch a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips to mix in with my craisens snack in the afternoon. :)


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