Cheap Cheap

Let's go shopping at Daiso Japan! I saw a link of this store http://www.daiso-sangyo.co.jp/english/index.html on my cousin's blog and discovered that we pass the store every commute day. Off to Daiso we go...after school of course.

So many goodies, crap and wonderful useless things. Origami airplanes, wooden chickens, cutie pie paper goods, treasure boxes and little baskets for little kittens...pretend kittens.
All sorts of stuff to clutter up my house!


  1. At least it's fun and sooooooo cute! You just can't be upset with that kind of clutter.

  2. "All sorts of stuff to clutter up my house" just about sums it up Nicole! I have to be really careful. The first time I went in there, I only looked- can you believe it!? Then the second time I went back I bought the chicken plates and a few other things because I knew they would be put to good use.

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