a cat's life

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A lazy life full of love.
This is Jose...one of our cats...we have 2. Jose & Coop and no they are not friends, though I wish they were. Jose likes prowl around the neighbourhood all night and scratch at the door about 4am, which I dutifully open for him. Our cats are part feral and therefore not lap cats. I want to lie around in the sun all day and not get sunburned.
Enough about cats.
Have you seen the new Martha Stewart Craft line. http://marthastewartcrafts.com
Glorious, Beautiful, Inspiring.
Check it out.
I admit I bought a couple things but I had to hold back because I wanted all of it. My creative juices are flowing. When I was browsing I kept reminding myself that I could design some of these things if only I had more time and a team of people to help me garden, cook, design, clean and drive!
Chicken up date: still waiting, perhaps Monday of Wednesday.


  1. Thanks for posting Martha's craft site, fun stuff on there, tempting to buy a lot, but also good inspiration!
    Love the shots of your kitchen, you are a creative photographer, they're really neat... is that your mom in the background of one of them?

  2. Not only does she sell things for the home, and now crafting... I just heard that she is getting together with Costco to sell her own brand of food. I bet it will be delicious.


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