Bread glorious bread

I tried the "no knead bread" recipe that has been lurking around the world wide web( just google no knead bread and 100's of recipes show up)...I prepared the dough yesterday afternoon at about 3pm and by noon today I ate a warm piece of bread. Basically flour, yeast and salt in a big ceramic bowl.

The crust was crunchy and the inside, well, you just gotta make the bread to find out...or swing by my house and try a slice. I will make this again. Planning is key...the time is a bit ridiculous. The first rising time is about 18 hours and then 2 more hours and then about 45minute cooking time. With my crazy commute 3 days a week I would definitely need to plan out the no knead bread! Yes, I know, I can go to the market and buy bread but what is the fun in that.

Yesterday I tried a new oatmeal raisin recipe...super yummy. The kids love them...their parents too. You gotta love cookies in a cookie jar...they are just urging you to eat them. Go ahead. Eat them.

Today I tried an apple currant scone recipe for the tearoom. They will be served tomorrow. Scones, with lemon curd and clotted cream. ahhhhh. I am a baking fool. Perhaps just a fool for food. Indeed.


  1. you are making me hungry for tasty delights

  2. Ok, so when's the Nicole bakery opening? I want to be the first in line or at least lend a hand in the kitchen.

    To bad the web is not scratch and sniff... but I swear I could smell the fresh bread through the screen.


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