big box day

Allow me to begin by saying...
To mothers, stepmothers, mother-in-laws and grandmothers everywhere.
May you be pampered beyond measure and be given oodles of flowers.
Of course I am posting at the end of the day but hey, my mind was blogging earlier but my computer was not in easy access.
Nonetheless, Happy Day!

At approximately 6:13am, I was presented with my Mother's Day gifts...a handmade bug/tissue wreath loving made by my wonderful kiddos...I love preschool. The wreath is now proudly hung on my bedroom door. A little touchstone I can see numerous times a day. I also received a "lowfat latte maker". Perfect...exactly what I wanted.

Then I was given these cards...at first all I could think of was Costco, a big box store, then I thought am I a big box. Hmmm. But then the riddle was to be unraveled for me. I am loved as much as a big box. Judah wanted to express his love for me using the words he knew how to spell. He wanted to use 2 three letter words. Ahhh Big Box. He did tell me later in the day that I can to pick whatever I want for the rest of the week because I am the mom. Lucky me. Indeed I am a lucky mom.

Of course, my little princess wanted to write what her big brother wrote...although she included a random "letter" word which in her mind probably tells a lengthy story about me and a map. Who knows what goes on in the creative little brain of hers.

Today, I am grateful for my mom. I appreciate all the things she has done for me over the years. For "land of nod", car shuttles, free rent (sometimes), dress up clothes , sewing for me, teaching me about entertaining & keeping house, poetry, Sunday lunches, celebrations, laundry and the list goes on and on and on. Most of all I thank you for raising me in the light and love of Jesus Christ.

Thank you mom.

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  1. Thankyou my dearly loved daughter for this wonderful tribute.


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