treasure hunting and cow milking

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The past 3 days were spent on a family road trip adventure...circular route to Fort Bragg, Orland and Davis before heading home. We searched all over the beach for the perfect pieces of sea glass. We gorged ourselves on the yummiest supper ever....at North Coast Brew...before we settled into our motel room. On Friday, I got a glimmer of what I long for, the simpler life, the country life, the less frenzied life. Oh how I long for that life...oh, I know it isn't a life of bonbons eating but hey, the life of a stay-at-home-mama is not that either...contrary to popular belief! That life I long for is still full of hard work, kids, chores, grocery shopping and pet love but I want the unhurried state, The lack of traffic, commute times and most of all the ability to have cats, dogs, chickens, goats, bees and a big sustainable garden...and the time to care for all those things. Ahhhhh. I think I am meant to be a farm girl...okay maybe a small town with a couple acres gal. I, jokingly, blame my folks for taking me away from the farm before I had a chance to hate it! We left when I was in first grade. Of course they gave us a perfectly great life in the city. During the taste of the country life I was challenged to sit and be still. Just to be. To listen. To hear God talking into my life. Not to be so distracted by television, magazines and Internet. Just to be still. Man, I sure have trouble just sitting...there are so many things I need to do and want to do. Did I mention that the kids got to ride a 1938 tractor? Wahoo. We had the another yummy dinner of pork chops and homemade strawberry pie. Yes, fresh local strawberries! This a day in the life of Californians. We topped the road trip off with a stop at Davis for Picnic Day...a pouring rain Picnic Day. The rain didn't let up till mid afternoon, we were wet but not cranky. No dampered spirits though; we milked cows, held rats (not me!!!) and tried our hand at lasso (Yahoo, cowboy Jude!). After collecting our freebies...grape vines, ladybugs, strawberry plants and tomato seedlings, we stopped in for the best shrimp burrito ever at Dos Coyote's. If you are ever passing through Davis or Sacramento you must stop at Dos Coyote's for their shrimp burrito. I must be hungry, I just mentioned food numerous times!

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  1. Cousin Nicole! I just discovered your blog. I read a little way back and grinned when you talked about longing for a few acres with chickens, goats, a sustainable garden, etc. And your yogurt making made me think of my mom--she would be pleased with your efforts! I, too, am working/dreaming toward such a wonderful life...and, as of last week, 2 acres are nearly ours! Goats, chickens, etc. are quite a bit further down the road, but hopeful part of our future!
    -Cousin Amy


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