so long easter


So long, farewell glittery eggs and stuffed bunnies. Good bye Easter decorations, plastic eggs and fluffy chicks. See you next year. The kids and I did not dye eggs this year rather we painted, glued and glittered. Sparkly eggs. Next year I want to find real glass glitter, of the vintage sort. Packing up Easter decor is not nearly as sad as packing up the Christmas paraphernalia. I love Christmas decorations, even though Easter is my favorite holiday. I love all the Easter stands for...the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Something that is remembered and celebrated more than once a year...weekly and daily. I love the yummy ham dinner and the gathering of loved ones, the eastery chocolate and the frenzy of an egg hunt in the backyard.
This year for Easter we hosted a lunch for 16 people. I cooked a giant 24lb ham and baked up a couple of new recipes(potato and leek galette and a cauliflower gratin) a la Martha. http://www.marthastewart.com/portal/site/mslo/menuitem.fc77a0dbc44dd1611e3bf410b5900aa0/?vgnextoid=e3f39560cc571110VgnVCM1000003d370a0aRCRD&rsc=taxonomylist) . We basked in the sunshine on the deck and finished the meal off with lemon tart with lemons from our lemon tree.
In my younger years I always wanted to live by the sea and have a lemon tree. A few years ago I lived by the bay but didn't have a tree of my own. Now I live a few miles from the SF bay with a lemon tree. Not exactly the original dream but pretty close. I chose this dream. This life.

Tomorrow we are off to beach comb on the Mendocino coast and then onward to Red Bluff and Davis. Saturday is Picnic Day. Wahoo! Picnic day has become a family tradition. I love the free plants and kids love the parade and of course we love to finish the day with the yummiest shrimp burrito ever!http://www.picnicday.ucdavis.edu/
Happy Spring!

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