polenta kitchens

Back to school. Back to the 97 mile round trip commute. When 6:15am rolled around I simply wanted to roll over a go back to sleep but alas no more Easter break days of lazy mornings. I planned out lunches and had the clothes laid out last night so the frenzy would be minimal but still it took us an hour to shower, dress, eat and clamor into the car. Only 3 more months of this crazy commute. Perhaps! More on that another day!
Today we (Denise & I) painted the kitchen, a lovely warm polenta color, technically it was the kitchen's second coat, but we started priming the cupboards. We plan to finish painting on Wednesday. Painting goes so much faster with a friend. Soon the kitchen will have a wonderful cozy feeling with white cupboards and curtains and a hint of colorful vintage touches here and there. I promise a picture when the work is complete. Which will be this week since my mama is coming into town next week and I like to have a nice clean house for her...especially since we are leaving her with the kids...for Hawaii. Wahoo! Thank you Molly & Lucas for getting married...in Kauai.

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