happy 35th

Rumor has it that blogs are only really interesting to the blog authors themselves...I do agree...however husbands need to pretend to be interested and mothers are bound to be interested and the rest of you...well... read on my friends read on...

After the present frenzy from the kids...a lovely strawberry pitcher and a book on blogging (The Rough Guide to Blogging), we headed out for a quick breakfast at a new-to-us cafe (Royal Cafe...it's been in business for some 40years!). The morning was spent with a good friend, hot coffee, warm sunshine, blooming garden and of course pirates. A birthday with pirates who can beat that!

Me time...that's what every mom wants on her birthday, that and a mini shopping slurge at Ann Taylor Loft...who can resist cute summery cotton blouses on a beautiful birthday day, especially when the birthday girl is going to Hawaii in a few weeks. What is a girl to do?

The bike riding fanatics in our house begged and pleaded to go to "daddy's school" to ride bikes and what were we going to say...NO. I think not!

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