Friday bowling

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To ease the frenzy, or perhaps add to the frenzy we went bowling last night. So much fun. Cordelia's first foray into bowling, at first she was nervous and cautious but then got into the swing of things and started rolling her 6lb ball down the lane and a whopping 2 miles/hr. Judah loved bowling as his inner athlete peeked out. The adults excelled at bowling with the help of bumpers. Cheaters. We got bowl more often. Especially dollar bowling.

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We of course topped the evening off with pizza at Molly & Lucas's and a mini surprise birthday celebration with yummy goodies from Whole Paycheck! I promised the kids we would make cupcakes for Molly but I forgot to factor in the time it would take to make them with the Friday schedule and commute. Sweet pastries were purchased instead. And might I add simply sinful.

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