the frenzy of it all

I am not sure why I thought painting our kitchen was the best idea for this month. Not only am I painting the kitchen walls...which are done...but I decided painting all the cupboards would be the best use of my time. (and Denise's time). Don't get me wrong, today we did the first coat of white on the cupboards and already the room looks so much better, but it does look like it will take at least 3 coats of paint. So this means the kitchen will continue to be a disaster zone for at least 4 more days. Of course painting one's kitchen means cleaning cupboards and drawers which of course leads to throwing out, recycling and collecting odds & sods for the Goodwill. Which in turn reminds me of all the other places in the house that need to be sorted through. See my job here is never done. Those who know me, know that when my house is messy than I am a super grump. I must admit I was a wee bit of a yelling mama today. Definitely a combo of cranky tired mom and tired miserable kids. I also have reached the limit of having to ask the kids to do something 14 times before they will obey...usually by that time I am yelling and they hop to it. Messy kitchen = cranky me. Oh did I mention that on top of painting the kitchen I decided, in my infinite wisdom that I should hem curtains, frame textile art and sew cushions. I am not a seamstress per se so sewing is a battle itself. I need a sewing room, in which to lay our all my many projects and ideas for projects. Although then my sewing room would likely be messy due to the abundance of ideas I have, but lack of time. What kind of crankiness would that lead to? Hmmmm.
On the bright side of frenzy, my garden is bursting with blooms...clematis, poppies and foxgloves. So lovely. Hopefully, tomorrow, while the paint is drying I can spend some time in my garden.


  1. You make me laugh. It's like sitting and chatting with you over a cup of java. I miss you. Steph

  2. Nicole I stumbled via sara in hongkong across your blog and I am so excited because I miss chilling with you. Have a great time in Hawaii. Slightly jealous as there is still snow on the ground in the frigid north and it keeps on snowing. When will it end.

  3. P.S. Happy 35th. When did we become so old? It seems like just yeterday that we were playing olden days in your Canyon Meadows home well you galvinted off with your friends.


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