Somewhere between March 10th and November 2nd 2014, life happened.
John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans."
For 7+years I blogged at this little site.  
I am not sure how many followers...I did not track the numbers.  
I did know there were uncles, long distance friends and my dad that stopped by.
I merely blogged for the habit; to keep track of this wild and wonderful life.
A place to note what we did and how we did it.
To record a good, blessed life.
I shared about deafness and sorrow.
Parties and celebrations.
Babies and Grandmas.
About Whole 30 and paleo eating.
Ginger molasses cookies and no knead bread.
About backyard chickens and puppies.
Parenting and crafting
The meaningful and the minutia.
I intended to share deeper and move people with my words, and perhaps I did.
Blogging introduced me to new friends, new words, and new disciplines.
I am still living life.
Daily. Fully. In the mess of it all.
The good, the bad and the ugly.
Throwing parties, cooking up roasts and healthy smoothies.
Parenting our tweens and wrestling through God's word.
In the past year I have walked beside loved ones through deep deep sorrows.
Through joys and frustrations.
I witnessed love and hate.
I wept.
I danced.
Mostly wept...
seems I cry pretty much daily; from pure joy and the deep sorrow that prevails in this world.
So, thank you friends.
For your comments, emails, and general cheer.
This is farewell from this blog.
God be with you.

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ten on ten March 2014

 morning chores
 morning admiring
 morning rain
 afternoon naps
 afternoon color
 cat naps
dessert prep
 evening beckons

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ten on ten feb 2014 edition

 1.garden greens

 2. windowsill


 4. waiting

 5. dusty fiddlehead fig
6. blossom snow

 7. branch

 8. walk

 9. commonprayer

 10. music

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